“Canal. St Superhero” is a 2012 documentary about my creative patriotism filmed and directed by Dr. Jonathan Gayles, of Georgia State University in Atlanta.

He is a national expert on the Black male image in America’s great comic book art form.

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It gets its title from New Orleans’ main strip, Canal St., where a lot of my outreach occurs. Numerous tourists and lost souls precariously co-exist on its sidewalks.

Obviously, Dr. Gayles was also inspired by comics’ larger-than-life stories. I believe America is a “superhero” nation, powered by super principles, namely our Constitution and Judeo-Christian ethic.

My “Cap Black” real-life username (meaning offline too) is a tribute to this great American art form. It’s also designed to make whatever cause I’m promoting more memorable.

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“Black” is also an acronym for: Brotherhood-Loyalty-Ability-Courage-Kindness, five colorblind principles anyone can practice.

Comic books reinforced and made grandiose my grandparents’ moral lessons. I had the added blessing of a grandfather who actually read the first appearances of icons like Superman and Batman.

I’d seen the good doctor’s site and through it told him about my activism. Minutes later, a response e-mail arrived stating he wanted to come to New Orleans to film me.

The rest, as the cliche states, is history. We had a great time documenting my modest attempt to re-boot interest in what some call corny stuff like civic duty and personal responsibility.

The film offers a glimpse into the world I navigate: the urban aftermath liberalism inflicts upon American Blacks and what we must privately do to correct it.

It’s amazing the wonders America offers when you open your heart and meet her half-way with sincerity and a little ingenuity!

Enjoy the film!


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