New Democracy Corps survey tells Obama “Obviously, the dogs don’t like the food.”


Our “Oh so smart President” is running on a message voters are laughing at, so says Democracy Corps partner Stanley Greenberg. The former Clinton pollster has released the results of a voter survey essentially asking respondents if they believe the line, “America is back!” and their answer is a resounding: “Hell No!”

Greenberg warns Democrats trying to fool voters into believing our economy has rebounded seems to be something only those in the DNC and the media believe (how many times have we heard the phrase “The fragile recovery.”?) because it “polls horribly!”

Greenberg tested several variations of Obama’s lies about our “economic recovery” and found not only did all of them poll miserably and “produces disastrous results” they all poll at least 10 points worse than any Republican position on the Economy.

The parallel between the consternation this report must be causing in Obama’s War Room and an old joke is stunning. In the joke an angry and puzzled CEO who is chairing meeting demands that someone explain why his company is not selling much dog food, its main product. “We have the slickest packaging, the best commercials and the choicest placement on the shelves!” he thunders. “So why aren’t we selling any dog food?” His staff is frightened by his outburst and just stares at the floor. After a long silence the janitor shouts from the hallway outside, “The dogs don’t like the food!”

Greenberg’s report outlines a surprising disaster in the making for Democrats who were told in an early January Greenberg report the Republican Party is in trouble. He said this because he found that those identifying as Independents had grown in number and Republican self-identification had remained the same.

So what has changed? Obviously as the pages on the calendar flip more people are paying closer attention to the issues. From Greenberg’s data a large portion of voters from all Parties have made up their mind about the economy and they don’t think it is even coming back, let alone already there as the Democrat cheerleaders in the media have been saying for months.

In March of 2010 a Democracy Corps report contained so much bad news for the Democrats that James “It’s the economy stupid” Carville advised them the only thing they could do was pray. He predicted a 25 seat loss in the House and a 6 seat loss in the Senate. Carville was actually underestimating the coming damage for Democrats. That November the Republicans picked up 63 House seats and 6 Senate seats.

The dogs didn’t like the food in 2010 and they still don’t like it today.

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