Networks Tell One Side of Health Care Story: Obama’s


By Julia A. Seymour, Business and Media Institute


Barack Obama 10 SCIt’s been a recurring media theme since President Obama was elected – tell a news story the way he told it in a speech or press conference and then ignore the critics.

That’s exactly what the networks did in health care reform stories May 11 and 12, immediately before and after Obama’s mid-day speech on May 11. Out of eight segments and two news briefs only one included a critic. One other segment included brief footage of a commercial opposing government-run health insurance.

ABC’s Diane Sawyer touted the significance of the event, calling it “D-Day for health care” reform, just hours before Obama spoke about his meeting with health care industry, union and trade groups. She also suggested the administration plan would benefit patients saying, “What’s the first thing they’ll do for you and your family?”


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