Networks Silent on President’s Violation of Tax Pledge


Barack Obama

The media gave President Obama credit during the campaign for promising not to raise taxes on the middle class. He was on the trail in New Hampshire when he made a “firm pledge” not to raise taxes on any family “making less than $250,000 a year.”

Obama is doing his best to break that promise, but the network news media haven’t bothered to report it. On Nov. 6 when he endorsed the tax increase-laden health care reform bill that the House of Representatives passed on Nov. 7, Obama violated his pledge.

While Obama had offered broad generalities supporting various health care reform bills under consideration in the House and Senate, the Nov. 6 statement was the first time he threw his weight fully behind one piece of legislation.

In that statement, Obama said the bill “meets the President’s criteria for health insurance reform: it assures that all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care that is there when they need it and does so without adding a dime to the deficit.” But it didn’t meet the requirements of his own tax pledge.

Read More: By Julia A. Seymour, Newsbusters


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