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Nebraska students subjected to leftist propaganda


I’ve written often about the destructive effects of leftism on public schools. For that reason, it comes as little shock anymore when I hear of a school district choosing “educational” material written from an obviously liberal viewpoint.

A recent story concerning the Nebraska school system, though, ratchets that template up a notch with their ongoing debate over social studies teaching standards.

There have been a number of drafts produced so far, including one that completely omitted America’s Founding Fathers! Luckily, somewhat rational minds prevailed, and the founders were included in a rewrite. While that was a glaring misstep in compiling the state’s school standards, a generally more destructive trend was identified by a member of the Nebraska Board of Education.

In a drafting process conducted behind closed doors, officials set standards that ignore American exceptionalism in favor of cultural equality. Trashing the idea that this country is special is nothing new, as even Barack Obama has infamously gotten in on that action. Reports show that the standards will prompt students to “explore history from multiple perspectives”, and critics of the draft say that free market capitalism is shown in a negative light.

Additionally, ideas such as global government are endorsed, which is right on par with the leftist movement to cede our sovereignty to a one-world governing body (e.g., the United Nations.)

In the interest of fairness, the state curriculum administrator explained that the draft process is still in its early stages and welcomes discussion of its content. I just hope that opposing views are actually welcomed by the school system since that particular group’s record of inclusion has been tentative at best.

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