One of the reasons I started the “Inside the White House Press Corps” series was so that people could see a different side of the people who play a large part in guiding the American political narrative. In this preview of my interview with NBC Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd, we see a more animated figure than we’re used to, discussing the “Drudge Effect” (my phrase) in journalism.

I added this question to the rotation based on this kerfuffle from a January briefing, in which Robert Gibbs claimed the press corps had accused the President of being overexposed. Chip Reid pointed out that we were merely asking about a criticism made by the pundits.

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Since then, most of the reporters I’ve spoken with have dismissed the bleed through as rather harmless, if it exists at all. Chuck Todd is another story, and I agree with him completely.

Says Todd: “There’s no worse crime in journalism these days than simply deciding something’s a story because Drudge links to it.”

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