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Are We A Nation of Men, Or A Nation of Laws?


The USA was founded to be a nation of laws, not a nation of men. Our Founding Fathers knew all too well the European style of governance where the will of the King was the law of the land, and those laws were subject to the caprices of often mercurial monarchs. They did not want that here in their newly minted republic. They also wrote restrictions into the Constitution against bills or laws of attainder – laws that do not apply EQUALLY to everyone but target specific persons or groups in their enforcement. The Founders understood that in the hands of a corrupt official, such laws could be used as a weapon that would give an incumbent politician a major advantage over anyone else, and they knew that men COULD be corrupted. To balance HUMAN nature, they made us a nation of LAWS that would apply equally to all. To ensure the uniform enforcement of Federal laws, we have a Department of Justice, headed by the Attorney General of the United States and a similar legal hierarchy in each of America’s FIFTY states. The Attorney General, though a political appointee, in many cases holds a unique position. He or she may owe his or her position to a politician, but should that politician run afoul of the LAW, he or she is expected to investigate and prosecute that politician without passion or prejudice or appoint a special prosecutor in the event he or she is unable to do so without the appearance of conflict. In short, NO one is above the law – in THEORY anyway.

In REALITY, we have a “Justice” Department and Attorney General at the Federal Level who seems to be more about being a political ATTACK dog for his MASTER and his political PARTY than a WATCHDOG for the uniform and blind enforcement of Federal laws. Today we have more of an INJUSTICE Department, or Department of Obstruction of Justice, and Eric Holder is like a Mafia Enforcer carrying out attacks and lawsuits against anyone designated by his CAPO or DON as not towing the politically correct, ethnically pandering, party line. We’ve seen COUNTLESS examples of how the Attorney General and Department of Justice have attacked states attempting to legislate and enforce their own laws within their own borders, some of which have NOTHING to do with Federal authority, especially laws that are designed to minimize Voter Fraud. Why would the Attorney General of the United States NOT want honest elections? Could it be that it’s because HIS party generally BENEFITS the most from such FRAUDS?

Enter Governor Rick Scott and the State of Florida, who are merely trying to ascertain which persons currently on the State of Florida’s voter rolls may be DECEASED and therefore no longer ELIGIBLE to vote. Secretaries of State, the state officials responsible for conducting and overseeing elections in their jurisdictions, are charged with this responsibility, and it is often done as a matter of routine. For SOME reason, however, Attorney General Eric Holder has mounted a personal CRUSADE against ANY state trying to minimize or ELIMINATE voter fraud in local, state, and national elections. We’ve seen multiple instances of states being attacked by the Attorney General and the Department of Justice for merely requiring registered voters to show an official form of photo identification before casting their ballots. Who exactly would that disenfranchise? Who does NOT carry SOME form of identification with them in modern America, as one is required to do just about ANYTHING? The only people who would NOT have valid photo identification would be people who are NOT who they claim to be, and such people are usually either illegal aliens who do not have a legal RIGHT to vote, or people purposely committing voter fraud.

The State of Florida is attempting to remove DECEASED persons from its voter rolls so that no one can assume a deceased person’s identity and cast a vote in their name. We know that many people have been caught in acts of deliberate voter fraud in the past several election cycles, and this is one of the PREFERRED methods of casting illegitimate ballots. The State of Florida is within its rights to clean up its own voter registration rolls and minimize voter fraud. One might even argue they have a duty to do so. Sadly, our Attorney General does not think so, and he’s threatened legal action against the State of Florida if it continues in this pursuit. Thank goodness the State of Florida has REFUSED to back down to the Federal BULLY. I’m sure Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott, and Attorney General Pam Bondi will vigorously defend their state’s rights in Court and will be fully vindicated in doing so. Law enforcement is about ENFORCING laws, not in preventing their enforcement. We do not have to please the king to follow the law in this country. Maybe the United States’ Attorney General needs a refresher course in basic jurisprudence. I’m sure Florida’s Attorney General will be very happy to give it to him. I’m equally certain an unbiased Federal judge will, too.

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