NASCAR’s Taxpayer-Supported Ads


This week, NASCAR and other professional sports have been making their cases for keeping public money rolling into their accounts. For years, the U.S. Military has been spending large sums, up to $100 million a year, to professional sports for advertising to aid in publicity and recruitment efforts. While the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball have benefitted from this money, NASCAR has apparently received the lion’s share. Georgia Republican Representative Jack Kingston, who is leading the charge, had this to say: “I think as a conservative, we’ve got to measure our friends in the military with the same yardstick we measure a social program.”

Further, Kingston made the observation that “If I’m in this budget climate where for every dollar spent, 40 cents is borrowed, if you’re spending $5 million, you ought to be able to show a congressional oversight committee or appropriations committee what you get for that money.” Agreed. In principle, Kingston is right on the money. However, as NASCAR spokesman Jon Schwartz points out, the money being spent on sports sponsorships isn’t being stopped, it is being moved:

“It doesn’t save taxpayers any money because it doesn’t include a reduction in spending by the military. It reallocates marketing dollars away from this valuable channel,” he said. “Singling out sponsorships is like telling a carpenter he can’t bring a key tool to the job site. Leaving decisions like these in the hands of a few members of Congress is misguided.”

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