Watch: Nancy Pelosi Might Never Want To Leave Her House Again After Seeing This Video (Hilarious)

"...when I was praying for the Republicans..."


Rep. Nancy Pelosi is known for her occasional quirky comments, but seeing many of them in one place takes the humor to another level entirely.

Roll Call put together Pelosi’s most memorable and amusing moments – some of which include these absurd quotes:

“I don’t support it, but it’s not, again, it’s not, you know – in other words, there is an emergency. There is a burning building. We have to put out the fire. I’m not going to have a conversation about the color of the buckets that the water is in.”

“I don’t know if these people were all sprung from the head of Zeus, or maybe they’re all Native Americans, bless their hearts. But somebody came from someplace.”

“I was thinking about it on Sunday when I was praying for the Republicans in church as I do at least every Sunday. I pray for the Democrats and the Republicans, for our country.”

“What would we do if Moses had not been accepted by the pharaoh’s family? We wouldn’t have the Ten Commandments.”

While they are taken out of context, these moments are all purely Pelosi. Thank you, Roll Call, for putting this entertaining video montage together!


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