Bloomberg Splashed Big Gulp SC

As mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg has embodied the leftist predilection for government regulation. Among his most outrageous nanny state policy ideas was a proposed ban on sugary drinks served in cups larger than 16 ounces.

While his inane solution to an invented problem ultimately failed to pass legal muster, he has kept up the fight to implement his soda ban. With his final term ending, one of his potential successors has vowed to keep the dream alive.

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Bill de Blasio, whose Socialist past has been well-documented, is unsurprisingly a big fan of the increased government intrusion.

“I think the mayor is right,” he said when asked about Bloomberg’s policy Friday, “and I would continue the legal process.”

Saying “there’s no question I want to see this rule go through,” de Blasio displayed his disapproval of a court decision earlier this year striking down the unpopular ban.

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He wove the issue into an overall discussion on childhood obesity, saying that “as parents, it feels like every day we’re fighting an enemy and that is the growing availability of bigger and bigger sugary drinks.”

According to the worldview of the extreme left, only the government is capable of making decisions. Parents are somehow unable to forego a gallon-sized soda for their own children, they reason; so no one should be allowed access to anything larger than a pint.

De Blasio agrees with Bloomberg only when there is no room to the left of the current mayor’s position.

“I’m not ever afraid to disagree with Mayor Bloomberg when I think he’s wrong,” de Blasio said before further endorsing the cup size mandate.

One of the only things more disturbing than seeing a politician blatantly endorse using his position to curtail the freedom of the people is the fact that he might actually win on that platform.

B. Christopher Agee