Muslims Burn Over 150 Christian Homes and 2 Churches


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Islam, the supposed religion of peace, has developed a hair trigger when it comes to the slightest hint of blasphemy against their prophet Muhammad. It doesn’t matter if the claims of blasphemy are true or not, as just the suggestion that someone said anything negative about Muhammad is enough to insight a violent reaction. One is guilty until proven innocent, and in most cases that is too late to save the accused.

Case in point is what just took place in Lahore, Pakistan where it was reported that a sanitation worker in the Christian conclave known as Joseph Colony, blasphemed Muhammad. The sanitation worker, a Christian named Sawan Masih was involved in an argument with a Muslim barber named Shahid Imran, last Wednesday evening. Thursday morning, Imran accused Masih of blasphemy. Once the word got out, many of the Christians began leaving their homes for fear of Muslim retaliation.

On Friday, local police began the process of filing charges against Masih. Saturday morning saw several thousand local Muslims armed with guns and batons heading for Joseph Colony. They ransacked and vandalized the homes, businesses and churches of the Christians. A number of buildings were set on fire and when all was done and the last fires put out, the angry Muslim crowd had burned down 178 homes, 18 businesses and 2 churches.

Now keep in mind that the formal charges against Masih had not actually been filed, which also means that there had not been any trial to convict him. And these are the Muslims who are immigrating to the US and telling us that they are a peaceful religion and that they will not interfere with our way of life. If you believe that, I’ve got some property on the Moon I’ll sell you.

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