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MSNBC website admits political bias


Photo credit: methodshop.com (Creative Commons)

Anyone who has had the misfortune of hearing the inane commentary of Al Sharpton, Toure, and Chris Matthews knows that their home network long ago left behind any semblance of impartiality.

While the left remains anxious to vilify Fox News’ perceived slant to the right, MSNBC offers little content aside from bitterly partisan rhetoric.

Astoundingly, even the network itself is now embracing its role as the voice of American leftism with an ad running on its own website.

Heralding a revamped platform, MSNBC.com encourages visitors to take “a sneak peek” at “what progressives have been waiting for.”

One would imagine that the media outlet considered various teaser lines to elicit interest in its new web presence. Shaking off its ostensible ties to actual journalism, though, the page now acknowledges its position as sounding board for leftist political hacks everywhere.

Those interested in learning more about the blatantly one-sided endeavor can register for email notifications and are encouraged to “join in the conversation with the progressive community.”

Originally sold as a news organization, albeit one with a noticeable lean to the left, MSNBC now amounts to the television equivalent of now-bankrupt Air America. Given its consistently dismal ratings, the network is headed for the same fate.


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Photo credit: methodshop.com (Creative Commons)



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