MSNBC takes pride in developing its stable of hosts


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In his quest to dominate the cable news arena, MSNBC President Phil Griffin has adopted a strategy reminiscent of a baseball organization — bring in new talent, develop it and then position it to be a star.

Call it the MSNBC farm system.

This is what happened with the recently hired The Nation’s Chris Hayes, a longtime MSNBC contributor, who will now host a weekend morning show.

It is what Griffin suggested he’ll try to do with the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein. And it is what many see him doing with a more experienced figure — Al Sharpton.

“We have got a huge stable right now,” Griffin said after his network’s session at the TCA Summer Tour. “I’m not sure I want to go through it all.” Yet he did anyway, listing Klein, Alex Wagner and Melissa Harris-Perry, among others.

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