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MSNBC Probably Didn’t Expect This Result In Its Climate Poll

Respondents not satisfied with merely answering the question took to the comments section to drive home their points.


MSNBC no longer even tries to market its programming as legitimate news, opting instead to embrace the leftist ideology that has made it a consistent ratings loser. In addition to harping on the supposed dangers of global warming on the air, the network also maintains an online presence through which it spews similar propaganda.

On the Internet, however, people with opposing views actually have a forum through which to express them.

That reality was demonstrated in a recent poll posted at MSNBC.com designed to gauge public sentiment about the impact climate change is having on American lives.

“Do you see climate change as a threat to your life or well-being?” the interactive poll asked. No superlatives were included, nor was there any query regarding the respondent’s plan to work against global warming.

Quite simply, the network just wanted to know whether individuals felt there was a risk – no matter how slight – stemming from the manufactured crisis of climate change. Despite giving visitors every opportunity to vote ‘yes,’ the result shows just how far from the mainstream radical environmental activists have strayed.

With nearly 9,000 responses, which is a huge draw for anything MSNBC presents, the prevailing opinion is a resounding ‘no.’

Respondents not satisfied with merely answering the question took to the comments section to drive home their points.

“The hysterics of the Left have to be countered with facts,” one commenter concluded. “This is why no one with a sound mind believes this global warming/climate change baloney.”

Another user suggested that the “truth is on its way to defeating the progressives’ dream of controlling every facet of our lives through fear.”

Others declared the “global warming scam is over” and asserted that “[c]limate is cyclical.”

A full 83 percent found that climate change in no way poses a threat to their lives, which flies in the face of leftist activists up to and including Barack Obama. In fact, his official Twitter account described any legislator who fails to concede his extremist environmental views as a “fool.”


The point of reference behind that ad hominem attack is the United Nation’s recent climate change report. While the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change offered its one-sided view on the issue, however, scientists from across the globe have signed on to a point-by-point response that derails the majority of its findings.

B. Christopher Agee

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