MSNBC Libtalker, Levin Exchange Fire Over Suit Threat


Of all the “progressive” dishonesty over the past week, the idea that conservative figures such as Sarah Palin have self-servingly inserted themselves into the debate is the sleaziest. Lefties blamed Palin for the Tucson shootings almost immediately, instantly placing her a defensive position.

Talk show hosts were also wrongly singled out, including Mark Levin, who has decided to fight back against MSNBC and its smear machine. After a solid week of anti-talker/Palin attacks, lefties then rewrote history to claim they had willingly jumped into the fray for publicity.

Rather than stand by during the dirty tricks campaign, Levin is going on the offensive. Not only has he threatened to sue the far-left cable network, he’s defending Palin as well, offering $100,000 for evidence she’s “promoted the murder of anyone”.

Levin’s primary MSNBC target is loose cannon Chris Matthews, but fellow host Ed Schultz could be named in a suit as well, which clearly has the bloated blowhard sweating it out. During Friday’s syndicated radio show, Big Eddie attacked Levin, accusing him of jealousy and other assorted crimes against broadcasting.

In response, Levin said this in an email to the Radio Equalizer: “I notice this tough guy is actually a coward. We will be monitoring him. He’s dumber than dumb, so he might actually step in it. As an aside, he has no ratings, so if two of my people monitor his show, that will double his ratings.”

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