This week’s target on the MSNBC Conservative Character Assassination Wheel, Michele Bachmann, her staff, and the “ignorant voters” who elected her.

As the rest of the world was watching the updates on Japan while hoping and praying for good news about the terrible tragedy facing our friends across the Pacific, MSNBC‘s Lawrence O’Donnell was busy “staying on message” and attacking Michele Bachmann while insulting the people who voted for her.

Politicians are aware that they will be targets.  When you file to put your name on a ballot you accept that those who are not supporting you might be vocal about their personal choice.  That’s life.  But it seems a tad strange to see this media personality expanding his attack beyond the Congresswoman and her staff to the people who actually voted and elected her.

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Yes, the Congresswoman from Minnesota made a mistake last weekend while speaking in New Hampshire, but candidates make mistakes on the campaign (announced or unannounced) trail.  Witness one such campaign gaffe.

57 States?  He was tired, move on.

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