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It is hardly surprising when a host or guest on MSNBC says something utterly ridiculous. Whether Alec Baldwin’s anti-gay rants, Martin Bashir’s vicious attack on Sarah Palin, or the accusations of racism by any number of personalities, 2013 represented a year of unfathomable idiocy for the cable news network.

To make matters worse, this stream of outrageous rhetoric did not even attract viewers. As the year progressed, MSNBC’s audience continued to shrink, placing it firmly near the bottom of any ratings list.

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Instead of replacing the obviously ineffective and offensive hosts with those who might be able to turn the struggling organization around, executives have decided to maintain its current roster – with the addition of a new position dedicated to scrutinizing scripts for potentially scandalous material.

Some experts blame network president Phil Griffin for failing to keep the hosts in line, with many contending that personalities – most notably, Rachel Maddow – have been given free reign. That seems to be changing, judging from recent reports that indicate all scripts will now be reviewed by one man: Rich Stockwell.

One source alleged that Griffin is close to losing his position, noting that “[o]ne more MSNBC host says something stupid, and that’s it.”

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Considering the deep reservoir of ignorance the network has built in recent months, it is only a matter of time before another ill-advised comment escapes an anchor’s lips. One might conclude Stockwell’s position was one created out of necessity.

After all, it has become evident that MSNBC puts ideology above virtually anything else. Long ago eschewing its ostensible role as a news provider, the network now panders to America’s far left.

In permitting such obvious partisanship, Griffin and other executives have opened themselves up to scandalous outbursts by those on MSNBC programs. In an apparent last-ditch effort to both maintain its leftward slant and rebuild some of its crumbling credibility, network bosses are relying on an editor whose sole job seems to be limiting on-air gaffes.

The fact that such a position was even considered says more about the sad state of this network than almost any other commentary possibly could.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: afagen (Creative Commons)