MSNBC headlines: Stimulus saved 2 million jobs, but that’s impossible to know


In an unfortunate choice of articles, MSNBC earlier had a featured set of headlines in their politics section regarding the stimulus package and its effect on the troubled job market.

One article touts the recent White House claim that the stimulus package had saved 2 million jobs.

But the other article explains why a new method of accounting adopted by the White House will make it “impossible to track the number of jobs saved or created with the $787 billion in recovery money.”

The lead headline in the politics section, White House:  Stimulus saved 2 million jobs, brings the reader to a glowing article about a standard claim from the Obama administration that yes, the unemployment rate is at a disastrous level, but it would be so much worse if not for the stimulus package.

The other headline at the bottom, White House changes stimulus job accounting, points out how the administration had to respond to its previous – um, embellishments – on the number of jobs effected by the stimulus package, then points out how the new method would actually inflate those erroneous numbers, and subsequently explains why said method would make accuracy an impossibility.

How’s that for muddled transparency?

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