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MSNBC Busted For selective editing



Think back to the last time you saw a mainstream media source edit a quote in such a way as to make a liberal politician look inept or evil. If you tried in vain to recall such an event, you’ve proved an important point concerning how liberal journalists operate.

With virtually no facts to fit into their template of the dumb, mean conservative, outlets such as MSNBC are left with deceit as the only option to relate such a message to the public. We’ve seen the same plot play out time and again: a quote played completely out of context when any editor with an IQ higher than peat moss would have known how dishonest it is, followed by an apology buried deep inside the publication or program in question. These are just the cases that have been exposed; the true scope of this phenomenon is anyone’s guess.

The latest such incident involves a trip by presumptive GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney to a Wawa convenience store in Pennsylvania. He addresses the crowd by pointing out the differences in efficiency between the store employees making his sandwich and the endless amount of paperwork needed to perform a seemingly simple task such as changing mailing information at the post office.

MSNBC apparently saw no need in exploring the back story at all, opting instead to cement its reputation as an extension of the Democrat smear machine. The recently-aired episode of “Andrea Mitchell Reports” focuses entirely on Romney’s quote that the touchscreen ordering station is “amazing,” giving viewers the false impression that he has never actually been to a convenience store before to notice such technology.

In fact, what amazed Romney was the user-friendly and time-saving methods employed in the private sector while the public sector could not care less whether its “customers” are taken care of in a timely and courteous manner.

On top of the mere editing of any context, MSNBC executives approved adding a laugh track immediately after Romney’s remarks, apparently in an effort to make it appear he was being mocked by even a friendly crowd for his naivete when it comes to ordering subs.

Reports indicate Mitchell even harkened back to George H.W. Bush’s famous gaffe, showing he was unfamiliar with supermarket scanners, to compare the two events and further dissipate the erroneous message that GOP politicians are all rich snobs, hopelessly out of touch with the average citizen. If either party is out of touch, it’s got to be the Democrats who, despite all evidence to the contrary, continue to spout their belief that Americans want less freedom in exchange for an even more bloated central government.

Conservative pundits, bloggers, and hosts have no need to splice together pieces of an interview to make liberals look stupid. Just play the entire quote, and they’ll do it to themselves.

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