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Ms. Pelosi,We Have “Read The Bill.” Have You?


All through the health care debate,all we have heard is that Obamacare is being jammed down our throats. I beg to differ with that description. Bend over and grab your ankles people,this is gonna hurt. The following video will depict some of the “high points” of Obamacare that these communists who have infiltrated our government absolutely love.

This law will not only take over one sixth of the US economy, but, when combined with the other recent actions that the communist community organizer in the Whitehouse has done recently, will insure the “fundamental transformation” of America as we know it. We the people can read the law here.



You will absolutely love the part about having all of your medical history downloaded to a microchip to be implanted under your skin. Some may say that I am crying fire in a crowded theatre, but, between Obamacare, NDAA, HR347, Obama’s latest executive order allowing peacetime government take over, and his systematic class warfare stratagy, we are doomed as a nation if we continue to stay asleep.

Wake your neighbors and educate them with the truth. If they refuse to hear the facts, move on . We are well past the time that it would take to convince the indoctronated. It is now time to prepare for a long struggle for our freedom once again. They are but a few, elite, over educated idiots who seek total control over the many. We must stand together in TRUTH,in GOD ,and in ONE ACCORD if we are to survive this COMMUNIST takeover of our GREAT nation. May God Bless America again. Stay safe and ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings.

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