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Obamacare’s “mandate has been ruled constitutional because it is a “TAX”. There are, however, several problems with that declaration by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. First, Obama and his administration zombies publically denied that the mandate was a tax. When Little George on ABC News questioned Obama back in 2009, Obama himself stated that it was NOT a tax. He LIED! When Obama’s Solicitor General went before the Supreme Court earlier this year, he argued that it was a tax! NOW the Obama White House is trying to say that the mandate is not a tax again, but a penalty?? Why, you may ask? Well, maybe for a couple of reasons.

In order for the mandate to be a tax, it would have had to originate in the House of Representatives to be constitutional. It originated in the Senate, making it unconstitutional. Obama adamantly denied that it was a tax to both Congress and the American people. The Democrats deliberately did not give anyone the time to read the bill thoroughly because if they had, it would have revealed what it really is: the largest tax hike in American history. It also would have revealed Obama as the liar that he is by exposing his mandate as an unconstitutionally conceived tax on everyone.

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I believe that the SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVES posing as Democrats now need to pay for contraceptive devices for the intercourse they are about to experience. The elderly, the disabled, and the chronically ill are going to see their benefits and their care reduced, probably even rationed. The joyful part is that the lives of those of us with multiple health problems will probably not be allowed to live to a ripe old age because we will be deemed too much of a financial burden by whatever bean-counters Obama appoints to his health board. You simply cannot take a health care pie, which is already seriously underfunded, and add 20 million more slices to it without a MASSIVE influx of revenue to make it work. If you doubt me, get a hold of the American Center for Law and Justice or the Heritage Foundation and ask them if they can send you information that explains what’s about to happen. Please do not take my word for it; educated yourself, and you’ll be one better than your Congressional representatives.

I have another question for Chief Justice Roberts: why did you not force Justice Elena Kagen to recuse herself from this case since she had legal input into the substance of this law as Solicitor General in Obama’s administration? Seems like if there is even the appearance of conflict of interest, a Justice should have enough ethical background to recuse him or herself, and if not, Chief Justice, it should be your duty to do it for them. Don’t tell me that the Supreme Court of the United States finds questions of ethics and morality repugnant. The square peg of the mandate didn’t fit into the round hole of the Constitution, Mr. Roberts, until you took your judicial activist saw and made it fit, sir. This will be the legacy of the Roberts court.

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