Mr Hate Crime To The Rescue


Examples of media bias are all around. Many times the best examples of bigotry and bias are directed at Black Republicans. The following video would be funny if it didn’t tell a sad truth. An important letter from the actual victim is below.

I am a Black, Tea Party Conservative running for U.S. Congress in North Carolina.

I was the victim of a “Hate Crime” when one of his large campaign signs was graffitied with racist slogans. This parody is based on an ACTUAL INCIDENT that took place in early Oct 2011. Ironically, the location was less than 50 miles to the east of the infamous “Duke lacrosse” scandal, in which charges against that sports team were fabricated and unsubstantiated. Yet, in this incident (with obvious facts and evidence), the Liberal media has ignored the story because it does not fit the strawman template of rampant racism and bigotry in the Tea Party.

The following article sums up the incident (as well as the hypocrisy of Liberal media) in the following:(Click Here)

Although the incident was embarrassing and hurtful, I (as a 27-yr retired U.S. Navy veteran) am undaunted, and directed my campaign staff to produce a parody video that lampoons the Liberal media who chose to IGNORE this incident.

I hope that the Western Center for Journalism (WCJ) sees fit to highlight this incident, and encourage likeminded Patriots to help me in my quest for office in Congress. Your prayerful support is appreciated.

Thanks for all you do at Keep up the good work!


William “Bill” Randall
Candidate for U.S. Congress
NC-13th Congressional District
Wake Forest, NC


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