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More People Seeing Through Democrat Lies


The lies are finally thinning the Democrat Donkey heard.

Because being a Democrat requires a certain combination of gullibility and a penchant for wishful thinking, lying is a stock in trade of being a Democrat politician. Nevertheless, the fact that fewer and fewer people including Democrats believe their Party’s lies is becoming obvious.

The history of the Democrat Party is a compendium of lies – blacks are inferior sub-human beings and therefore should be slaves; higher and higher prices will get America out of the Great Depression; McCarthy is a drunken fool; there are no Communists in our government; I never had sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky. The latest era of fearsome lying started with that faker John Kerry.

When Kerry was exposed by Jerry Corsi and John O’Neill as the fake he is for claiming he was a legitimate three-time Purple Heart recipient (one was a splinter as noted by the treating physician), the modern era of Democrat lies got kicked off. The faithful swallowed the story of a “Rambo Democrat” the way Jewish Americans who produce an overabundance of doctors and Nobel Prize winners are thrilled when one of their own steps up to the plate in Yankee Stadium.   “See, not all Democrats were Clinton-like draft dodgers!” they thought and said.

But they knew it was a lie, and now they know Obama is a liar.

Democrats tell Americans looking for work that Stimulus packages will cut unemployment. The Obama Administration tells America’s Christians that it knows what is best for them. And Democrats who claim “there is nothing wrong with the private sector” succeed only in chasing voters away. They will continue to do so because Democrats only know how to lie. Their real intentions would make people run away even faster than they are now.

People aren’t flocking to Obama events; they aren’t contributing to Obama, and they are less and less excited about voting for him or any other Democrat in November.

The lies are finally thinning the Democrat Donkey heard.

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