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More Obama Censorship at Conservative Lucianne.com


Lucianne S. Goldberg became famous opposing Bill Clinton. She was instrumental in bringing the Monica Lewinsky scandal to public attention. She won’t be accused of doing the same for President Obama.

Today she is the publisher of the website and news forum Lucianne.com. She has the distinction of being one of the latest conservative websites to censor information about the investigation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Forgerygate scandal.

Like Horatio on the bridge, conservative pundits that early on dismissed the eligibility issue continue do everything they can to keep a vast army of activists from even discussing the fraudulent documents released by Barack Obama. In this case Lucianne or someone working for her hit the big delete button and removed a post about ForgeryGate, after nearly 500 of her readers eager to learn the truth followed the link.

We learned about the censorship from one these activists who pulled up the proof of the lucianne.com deletion using google cache. Here is a screenshot of the original post:

Here is what is found now at the same location.

Lucianne has every right to control what is on her website, and we don’t quibble about her absolute authority to erase this user generated post. We just wonder why such an ardent critic of Bill Clinton’s crimes doesn’t allow discussion of Obama’s criminal activities. Lucianne can you give us an answer?

Article Update:

Here is the response we received directly from Lucianne. Thank you.

We could have saved you folks a lot of anquish and upset not to mention time if you had contacted us about the deletion of one of your articles from Lucianne.com. If you will read the posting rules at the site you will see that we request only news sites, not special interest sites be posted. Yours is an excellent and informative site and if the poster had requested permission of staff, which is routine and has been for the 12 years that we have been on the web, we would have reviewed the information and very likely have permitted it. We have these rules to keep from being swamped by articles that are not part of our mission which is to bring as much what is being published in the Mainstream Media to our readers attention.

As to the information in the particular article in question. A search that we are sure your staff doesn’t have time to pursue would reveal we have had dozens of articles on President Obama eligibility or lack of it. We will continue to post article on the subject from Mainstream Media sites.

Lucianne Goldberg
Publisher, Lucianne.com News Forum

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