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Throughout recorded history, one stark reality remains: humans must dehumanize other humans in order to condemn them to an inhumane institution.

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Otherwise, the backlash from such an objective would surely be halted in its tracks within a single family unit or circle of friends. It would definitely never receive public support.

This phenomenon proved true in the context of slavery in America. Subjected to their own and/or others’ consciences, most slave owners could not bear to consider their subjects as being as human as themselves and continue to engage in this historically worldwide practice. Preserved documents and life wills of the period bear out this proof, often referring to male slaves as “bucks” and female slaves as “house wenches.”

The same has proven true with the practice of abortion. Proponents of abortion on demand always refer to an unborn child, not as a child or a baby, but as a fetus. Accepted definitions of the word “fetus” with consideration toward its origin vary, but among their descriptions are the words and phrases “little one”, “young one”, “young child”, and “offspring”. So where’s the argument here?

The reality of abortion is that the practice usually consists of the murder of unborn babies as a matter of convenience, enabled by a society that has offered it acceptance and legality.

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Abortion has become a big business in our country, with the misleadingly-named Planned Parenthood at its core. Millions upon millions of dollars are made each year through the willful murder of innocent unborn children (and as recent developments have shown, even in the latest period of their human development.)

We have probably all personally known of young people who have been faced with the reality of unplanned pregnancy. Most of us probably even know those who would choose to kill their unborn child rather than face the embarrassment and scrutiny of their parents and peers that would come with the admission to this growing life.

Those involved in the big business of abortion are very aware of these individuals and their situations as well. That’s why the proponents of abortion fight tooth and nail against any legislative measure that would require the parental consent of minors before they are legally allowed to have an abortion.

These proponents would also rather that we the public did not realize that their go-to Roe v. Wade court decision left to the public and the courts the final say as to what point in the human condition life begins. Historically, the people of the world have always recognized conception as this point where human life begins.

This tradition is lost on those of the majority of abortion supporters who also believe in the “right” of individuals to be subjected to late-term abortions. In varying levels of intensity, this fight is raging across our nation.

Recently, in Texas, state legislators vied for a vote on a bill that would outlaw late-term abortions and place additional restrictions on abortion-on-demand. Democrat State Senator Wendy Davis presented a 13-hour filibuster last Tuesday, June 25, in hopes to thwart this bill.

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