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“More engaged” is Democrat-speak for “more enthusiasm”


A new USA Today/Gallup survey delivered more bad news for Democrat Barack Obama. It was a measurement of Americans’ interest in the issues that will be talked about by both Obama and Republican Mitt Romney. The report’s accompanying message explained that it found 74% of Republicans are thinking about the election “quite a lot”, but just 61% of Democrats are doing the same. Republicans are clearly “more enthused” about voting in this election, but in Democrat-speak, “more engaged” is the phrase that is substituted for “more enthused.”

The verbal gymnastics Democrats and their media cheerleaders have to go through to hide the truth is quite instructive. When Gallup did a survey without USA Today’s influence, it found virtually the same gap but it more honestly called its finds an “enthusiasm gap.”

Gallup’s finding of a 13 point Republican “engagement” advantage is larger than it has found in “recent elections.” Gallup explains how the level of engagement among voters has been reflected in Election Day results. It makes the point that higher engagement means higher turnout. The high enthusiasm of Republicans will mean a higher turnout in November, and that will help Romney and his VP selection Paul Ryan.

In 2000, Democrats who out-numbered Republicans did not show up because they were embarrassed by Bill Clinton’s sexual perversion in the White House. On Election Day 2008, in the belief that John McCain would be worse than Obama, enough conservatives either stayed home or voted for Obama, handing him the election. These factors changed the expected outcome of those elections and made history.

In marvelous Democrat-speak, Gallup says “That data suggests that Republican voter turnout could top Democrat turnout…” In other words, Gallup is saying: “The fact that Republicans are saying they are more enthused to vote, COULD mean that Republicans will go to the polls in greater numbers than Democrats.”

Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate has energized his campaign, and the more voters see of Ryan, the more they like him. Today’s Rasmussen survey shows Ryan’s approval/disapproval rating jumping 11 points from a good 39/25 to an excited 50/32.  Clearly, the “60 Minutes” appearance both men made on Sunday night has done great things for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

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