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More Citizens Demand: Impeach Obama


As more Americans face the dire state of our union and the heavy toll the Obama administration has required of us all, an ever-growing number are calling for Barack Obama’s impeachment. This week alone, three separate calls for impeachment surfaced – significantly, among Democrats – at least one of them at one of the largest ongoing public rallies in U.S. history: the March for Life.

On Monday, thousands gathered in the nation’s capital to protest the taking of innocent life. One of the members of this diverse, pro-life group, Democrats for Life, met for breakfast before joining the larger group. Michael Sean Winter, who attended the Democratic meeting, recounted the scene on the National Catholic Reporter website, “Two people carry a large poster of President Obama, defaced to look like Hitler, and the slogan ‘Impeach Obama.’”

Such opposition from within a Democratic event begs the question whether Democrats even want Obama to run in 2012.

The same posters, with the same message, appeared this Wednesday in Mount Dora, Florida. The Orlando Sentinel reports:

The group has gathered on the sidewalk in front of the Post Office on Donnelly Street for several days, passing out literature. However, today, code enforcement officials told the group they could not post signs or posters on city light poles.

The group, which opposes recent federal healthcare legislation and bailouts of the banking industry, is encouraging the public to “Impeach Obama.”

The Sentinel does not mention the group’s affiliation. Its opposition to ObamaCare indicate it is not composed of doctrinaire liberals.

Not all calls are from the Right. The left-wing blog Firedoglake features a diary entry posted Tuesday entitled, “The Constitutional Case for the Impeachment of Barack Obama.” The author accuses Obama of covering up U.S. violations of the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, which the Senate ratified in 1990. The left-wing writer states Obama has destroyed videotape and photographic evidence that may prove inhumane treatment of terrorists in U.S. custody. “This goes far beyond mere failure to investigate torture – it is, in fact, a willful act to protect torturers,” the argument continues. “By repeatedly violating the United Nations Convention Against Torture, President Obama has violated the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution. He is in direct violation of his oath of office. Therefore it is the Constitutional obligation of each and every member of the House of Representatives (per their own oaths of office) to begin impeachment proceedings.”

Click here to sign the petition to impeach Barack Obama. Learn more about ongoing efforts to impeach Obama.


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