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Montana’s Soviet-Style Government Healthcare Clinic


At first glance it might appear that Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer’s announcement that the state would be establishing a government-run health clinic for state employees is a good idea, one that will help keep down the cost of healthcare.

Actually, it’s anything but.

Allowing those who set and enforce the rules under Obamacare at the state level to have their own private facility for treatment is a recipe for rampant corruption of the kind usually found in the satellite states of the former Soviet Union. It’s a formula that will inevitably lead to one class of healthcare for government workers—one that does not involve rationing or waiting periods of any kind—operating separately from the healthcare the rest of America gets.

As far as bending the healthcare cost curve is concerned, the only way the numbers work under Obamacare is if the government-run exchanges eventually begin to ration care. This will be done not on the basis of ability to pay but based on the ability of the system to provide the needed service. Wait times will rise. Some people will, out of necessity, be declared too old or too infirm to receive the treatment they need. Some may die waiting for bed space to open up so they can be admitted to the hospital for treatment. And some types of care may be eliminated or cut back because the healthcare bureaucracy deems it too expensive, substituting—if anything—alternative forms of therapy that are less effective or may do no good at all.

That’s how the system in general will operate because it must operate that way. But, in a government-run clinic established for the benefit of government workers—the same people who make the rules, enforce the guidelines, write the budgets, and otherwise have the connections and pull not available to most Americans, it is easy to belief that the sky will be the limit.

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