Military Scandal, Media Blackout


Let me preface the facts of this column with two disclosures: first, I have a deep and abiding respect for the United States military. With rare exception these people are and have been some of the finest Americans who have ever lived. Currently, they are asked to put their lives on the line even as they are constrained by absurdities such as the Rules of Engagement, pipe dream counter-insurgency tactics known as “winning hearts and minds,” and the political machinations of an administration more than willing to use them as pawns in a bid for re-election.

Second, I have equal amounts of contempt for a mainstream media, which is neither mainstream, nor remotely interested in reporting the truth, if it interferes with their agenda.

Here are the facts: on November 10th, a United States military court convicted Sgt. Calvin Gibbs, 26, for his participation in a “kill team” which deliberately targeted and subsequently murdered three Afghan civilians. Three co-defendants had previously pleaded guilty, and two testified against him.

One was Specialist Adam Winfield, who had alerted his parents after the first murder, telling them more were planned. Winfield’s father reportedly alerted authorities, but nothing came of it. Winfield pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the third killing after testifying at a previous hearing that he thought Gibbs would kill him if he did not take part on the atrocity. Windfield received a reduced sentence. The second man was Spc, Jeremy Morlock, who is currently serving 24 years for his part in the crime. He testified that Gibbs killed two of his victims with grenades and planted an AK-47 near a third victim in order to make it seem like the victim had been armed.

Gibbs kept fingers of his victims as trophies, claiming that he was “disassociated” during combat, further maintaining that the idea was “like keeping the antlers off a deer you’d shoot.” The soldiers posed for pictures of themselves with their victims, all of whom were killed during routine patrols of Afghanistan’s Kandahar province in 2010.

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