Is Military Intervention In Iraq A Good Idea?

A real President would show courage, resolve and leadership. Tragically...


The inescapable question of the day is: SHOULD WE MOVE TO INTERVENE IN IRAQ AND DEFEAT ISIS?

The companion question is always: what is the U.S. security interest?

Is it in our interest to have a stable Iraq?  What are the implications of the country being partitioned?

Is it in our interest to help solve the Syrian crisis? Is it in our interest to save the Jordanians from invasion? Is it in our interest to protect Israel? Is it in our interest to confront Iran’s nuclear ambitions? Is it in our interest to dissuade jihad and provide deterrents to aggression? It is in our interest to quell the conflict between Sunni and Shi’ite? Is it in our interests to promote good relations with Turkey and Egypt?

If the Sunnis are left to roast, will the Saudis forsake the agreement to prop up the dollar and will the dollar collapse sending the world into economic catastrophe? Is it in our interest to fight terrorism or just stand by while they slaughter innocent civilians by the thousands in a nation we pledged to defend? Is it in our interest to finally assure allies so they will trust us once again?

Is it in our interests to show courage and commitment to what is morally right, or should we project weakness and cowardliness, as we did in Ukraine, thus encouraging aggression?

Furthermore, we gave Iraqis hope. Our men and women died, and many more were wounded, some so seriously they can hardly function. We owe it to the Iraqis. We owe it to those who gave so much to secure that country.  Do we owe it to women and children being raped and slaughtered? Do we owe it to Iraqis being beheaded? Do we owe it to ourselves? Our military worked miracles and defeated Al Qaeda in Iraq in 2009. Obama and his people wasted all that sacrifice and dashed the hopes of the Iraqi people.

Obama wants to play politics with this, as with everything. Some people are so concerned about themselves they turn a blind eye. But the real issue here is simple morality. Do we respond to terrorism and do the right thing by allies according to the agreements we’ve made, or do we become like Iraqi regulars, and run? What has Obama done to save thousands of Americans and other Westerners trapped in this chaos?  Sending a carrier to the Gulf in itself does nothing.

We started an ineffectual hashtag appeal over Boko Haram but ignore the heinous atrocities committed by ISIS! In case people have forgotten, global jihad wants our heads on pikes. Anyone still interested in self-defense? Or would you rather just lie down and let these animals take over?

The world is very small. If you allow Iran to overrun Iraq, you will have a caliphate from Afghanistan all the way through Syria, and in that event you invite world war when they all gather to attack Israel. Perhaps it’s inevitable but do we tuck tail and run or stand for what is right?  Today we read the news Obama is willing to coordinate with Iran against ISIS.  Have we forgotten Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism, a regime directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of our boys?  And now we actually consider making nice and having tea even as they prepare nuclear weapons to vaporize us?

A real President would never have allowed Al-Maliki to ruin all our achievements in Iraq in the first place. A real President would at this very hour order our generals and our advisers and our Air Force into the battle to muster Iraqi forces, provide intelligence on the ground, and eradicate ISIS from the air. A massive land invasion is not necessary against 8,000 murderers who have no continuous supply line other than what they can steal from the Iraqis.

What was required in 2011: serious and timely negotiation to secure agreement with the Iraqi government to allow for a residual American force to prevent this mass murder, as the U.S. military advised Obama at the time.

Al Qaeda (ISIS) took over in Fallujah just last January.  Obama, Hagel and Kerry sat on their thumbs.  What was required five months ago: decisive, affirmative action in support of the Iraqi people.

What was required a week ago: immediate military assistance confronting ISIS with lethal force before they ever got to Kirkuk.

A real President would show courage, resolve and leadership.

Tragically, we do not have a real President. Instead, we have a hippie community organizer who failed even at that.

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