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A real President would never have allowed Al-Maliki to ruin all our achievements in Iraq in the first place. A real President would at this very hour order our generals and our advisers and our Air Force into the battle to muster Iraqi forces, provide intelligence on the ground, and eradicate ISIS from the air. A massive land invasion is not necessary against 8,000 murderers who have no continuous supply line other than what they can steal from the Iraqis.

What was required in 2011: serious and timely negotiation to secure agreement with the Iraqi government to allow for a residual American force to prevent this mass murder, as the U.S. military advised Obama at the time.

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Al Qaeda (ISIS) took over in Fallujah just last January.  Obama, Hagel and Kerry sat on their thumbs.  What was required five months ago: decisive, affirmative action in support of the Iraqi people.

What was required a week ago: immediate military assistance confronting ISIS with lethal force before they ever got to Kirkuk.

A real President would show courage, resolve and leadership.

Tragically, we do not have a real President. Instead, we have a hippie community organizer who failed even at that.

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