Mike Barnicle claims Conservative Talk Radio To Blame For Liberal Media Bias


By Mark Finkelstein, Finkel Blog


Rush Limbaugh 2  SCRush made them do it! In one of the more absurd, if creative, defenses of the MSM yet, Mike Barnicle has blamed the media’s liberal bias on its reaction to “talk radio.”

Morning Joe actually got off to a refreshing start today, with Mika Brzezinski frankly acknowledging that the MSM leans heavily left, that she herself tends to vote Dem, and that the liberal media needs to diversify politically, bringing in more conservatives.  Mika even implied that the only politically diverse news network is . . . Fox!

It was Joe Scarborough’s recent personal brush with liberal media bias that set off the conversation . . .

The New York Times Magazine ran an interview with Joe in yesterday’s edition.  Scarborough had explained to NYT reporter Deborah Solomon that he lives with his family in DC and commutes to NYC, where he keeps a pad. But that didn’t stop the Times from including this question in the published back-and-forth: “how do you justify living apart from your family?”


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