Michael Savage ventures into untrodden territory


Michael Savage’s top-rated nationally syndicated show on politics and culture will venture into new demographic territory next week when a San Francisco all-sports station adds “The Savage Nation” to its daily lineup.

Savage, who makes the Bay Area his home base, said he chose to partner with 50,000 watt KTRB-AM, beginning Feb. 1, to reach out to new listeners.

“Sports fans are generally tuned out of politics, and I want to tune them in to what is happening in this great country,” he said. “Hopefully, with this new demographic, I will attain the high ratings numbers I once had and even exceed that in time.”

Savage has enjoyed strong ratings in his hometown, with KSFO-AM until 2003 and KNEW-AM through last September. KNEW’s program director, John Scott, said at the time the popular program was dropped because the station was “headed in a new direction and a new mind set.”

KNEW’s move to make Savage a “free agent” was a “classic fumble near the goal line,” said Ken Dennis, managing partner of KTRB, known as XTRA sports 860.

“Michael Savage is a legitimate superstar in Bay Area radio” whose show is heard on hundreds of stations nationwide, Dennis said.

About 400 stations carry “The Savage Nation,” according to Savage’s syndicator, the Talk Radio Network.

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