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Mexico Sues U.S. Gun Manufacturers Over Obama Program


by Doug Brook


Not content to pack off millions of miscreants, impoverished, or labor-averse citizens to the welcoming, welfare-bestowing arms of the United States government, Mexican President Felipe Calderon has decided to hold Americans responsible for his nation’s crime rate, as well. On November 2, 2010, Calderon retained the New York law firm of Reid, Collins, and Tsai to sue American gun manufacturers and dealers for the reputed massive influx of weapons into the otherwise zephyr-swept Shangri-La of Mexico.

“We seized more than 90,000 weapons…I am talking like 50,000 assault weapons, AR 15 machine guns, more than 8,000 grenades and almost 10 million bullets…The ones we are able to track, most of these are American weapons,” claimed El Presidente to CBS reporter Peter Greenberg.

The fact that American gun dealers don’t sell machine guns or grenades seemed to have little effect on the statement or CBS’s desire to run the story. After all, hasn’t The Washington Post told us that “Mexican drug cartels…snap up the military-style machine guns available in U.S. gun shops!”

Since 2008, most of the “mainstream” American media has breathlessly reported that 90 percent of the weapons seized by Mexican authorities from the nation’s most notorious homegrown criminal classes–drug dealers and politicians–had originated in the United States. That this statistic had been fed reporters by the nation’s number one gun-grabbers and Second Amendment haters, Michael Bloomberg and his Mayors Against Illegal Guns, mattered not one whit. After all, the distinction between a press release and actual news is minimal when the source is as liberal as the journalist.

But the independent research group STRATFOR determined that only about 12 percent of weapons seized in Mexico had originated in the U.S. The truth is  the vast majority of confiscated weapons cannot be traced because they bear Chinese or other markings, have deleted serial numbers, or were originally the property of the 150,000 members of the Mexican military who “defected to work for the drug cartels, bringing their American-made, service-issued firearms with them.”

Mexico will sue in spite of the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act” passed in 2005 to prevent frivolous suits by gun grabbers against gun manufacturers when their products are used by criminals. As we all know, laws make little difference in the United States these days. One leftist activist on the bench, and lawlessness becomes the rule — as long as it fits the agenda of the judge and the plaintiff.

But just a thought here: Obama’s contempt for the Second Amendment is well known in spite of the enforced secrecy surrounding most of his past doings and statements. Could it be that, to avoid the thunderous political backlash sure to accompany any assault on our right to keep and bear arms, The One has enlisted the aid of the Mexican President to destroy the American arms industry? Or should the law actually survive the onslaught of the radical Left, does Obama hope the resulting dog and pony show of feigned Mexican outrage might be enough to elicit new, tougher legislation against gun sales and ownership?


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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.


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