Meet the Press Panel Blames Romney Loss on Limbaugh and ‘Loons and Wackos’ of Conservative Base


Sunday’s Meet the Press featured a panel of five, none of them conservative (Congressman-elect Joaquín Castro, Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, author Doris Kearns Goodwin, the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward and NBC’s Chuck Todd), to assess why Mitt Romney lost and “the future of the GOP.” And they agreed conservatives are the problem.

Todd, NBC’s political director, decided the GOP has become “a coalition of special interest forces” and fretted “the leaders in Washington can’t control the special interest groups” as Republicans, like Democrats in the past, “succumbed to their base.”

As if the Obama campaign this year didn’t succumb to and exploit the liberal feminist agenda on Planned Parenthood.

Steve Schmidt, who managed John McCain’s 2008 loss, argued that “to too many swing voters in the country, when you hear the word conservative now, they think of loons and wackos.”

In an obvious allusion to Rush Limbaugh, a clip of whom host David Gregory had played earlier, Schmidt snarled: “Our elected leaders are scared to death of the conservative entertainment complex, the shrill and divisive voices that are bombastic and broadcasting out into the homes.”

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