MSNBC commentator Toure likes abortion and dislikes private gun ownership.

This gruesome platform credentials him as a premiere liberal drum major for urban death.

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On his watch, average Americans, especially Black babies and inner city residents, are cannon fodder fit for callous punchlines and, worse, extinction.

“Urban death culture” is what I call this genocidal menu he promotes. Black America in particular has embraced a self-inflicted disregard for innocent life; and he’s its latest malicious mouth piece.

Who can forget his grotesque gratitude expressed to God for a career- and family-“saving” abortion?

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On an inhumanity scale of 1-10, it ranked a billion! Black life is so cheap that perverse pundits openly dismiss it while liberals applaud.

On gun control, he’s no less callous.

His latest tweet on the subject says it all:

Touré ✔ @Toure Data shows that for the avg person the chance to use a gun against a criminal is a once in a lifetime event.

I can only infer that being empty-handed for this “once in a lifetime event” is fine by him. After all, the average American, especially Black ones, can’t afford armed guards and gated communities like Toure can.

Merely brandishing a weapon an estimated minimum 400,000 times annually sends suspects fleeing. Second Amendment-squeamish liberals like Toure should trumpet this fact, but it runs counter to the narrative.

This glib ghoul is hellbent on promoting urban death culture not only in the Hood but the Heartland too.

As a drum major for urban death, Toure outdoes any conservative boogeyman the Left can conjure, in the race to devalue American lives.

They should bronze his marching shoes, once blood stains are removed.


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