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Media’s Coverage of Eligibility Hearings


I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of our loyal readers here at Western Journalism. It should be noted that I actually only started working here a few weeks ago; I am responsible for proofreading, posting, and (occasionally) writing our content. Over the past two days, due to our thorough coverage of Obama’s eligibility proceedings in Atlanta, we had so many people come on our website at the same time that our servers were practically shut down! The past two days have turned out to be all-time highs in terms of daily page views of the WCJ website. Typically, for us, it is around 20,000 views per day. However, we got more than 35,000 page views on Thursday, and more than 38,000 yesterday. The commentary  about the proceedings (the first I wrote) has received more than 22,000 views since I posted it Thursday afternoon, as well as more than 60 comments. I personally believe that this is God’s way of letting me know that everything is going to be fine working here at Western Journalism. God be praised!

Now, it is important to talk about the media’s coverage not just about Obama and his attorney saying they would not attend the hearings but about what actually was brought up at them. A quick  Google search of the term “Obama Eligibility chellenges” followed by selection the category of “news” would show that (shocker) none of the major networks, The New York Times, The Washington Post, or the rest of the lamestream media must have had more important matters to discuss (such as the rather childish nature of the race for the Republican nomination and Hollywood celebrities). Only the AP seemed to have a brief mention of Obama saying he will skip the proceedings to campaign, the thing he seems to be better at than, let’s say, governing.

In fact, almost all of the coverage of the Atlanta court case was from one of the following types of online media sources: “birther” websites, several conservative blogs such as the American Thinker and Sonoran News, and local print and televised coverage from sources like The Atlanta Journal Constitution. However, there were some noteworthy exceptions: The Huffington Post ran a story dismissing the proceedings as “without effect”, and there were a few articles on foreign news websites such as Press TV(based in Tehran of all places) mentioning that Obama was ignoring the hearings.

Now, before the hearing on Thursday, I personally stayed away from the question of Obama’s eligibility to be president. I at first saw it as something that should take a back seat to other issues, such as preventing Obama from achieving any further legislative victories. However, it is clear that  every single American who has questioned this subject has been vindicated; because of the failure of Obama or his attorney to show up at the hearing and product the required documentation that he supposedly has, one really cannot say that he has nothing to hide. It is now clear to me beyond a reasonable doubt, that Obama is not constitutionally eligible to be our president.

It is also not just the eligibility issue that is important here; one important thing to take away from his absence from the proceedings is that he clearly thinks he is above the law and thinks of himself as some sort of king or dictator. For a guy who essentially campaigned on being a president of and for the “regular” people, he seems to have forgotten entirely what is expected of him. I mean, how many “regular” people do you know who are summoned to court via subpoena who then flat out ignore said subpoena and somehow are not arrested, fined, or put in jail for flaunting this legal obligation?

And it is not that surprising that even the slightest mention of these proceedings would be heard in much of the mainstream liberal media. This is for good reason; they obviously want to protect their guy Obama. These guys will do ANYTHING for their Annointed One; for all I know, they would jump off of a cliff for him if he asked them too. When his administration’s lackeys vocally attacked Fox News in 2009, viewership of Fox News did not go down; instead, it skyrocketed. Likewise, if the media tries to attack Orly Taitz, these witnesses, or anyone else associated with these proceedings, the so-called “birther” movement (and in general the ranks of those who believe Obama is not a legitimate president) will only get stronger from here.

Thank you all again for your loyal following of Western Journalism. God bless you all, and may God continue to bless these United States of America.


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