Media Won’t Ask Obama About Sex Issues


The failure of the US media to properly vet the candidacy of Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign can be cited as one of our country’s most harmful periods. Yet, we see the same pernicious cycle being perpetrated against Herman Cain just four years later. They refuse to follow up on substantial allegations against Obama like those made against him by Larry Sinclair. but run with vapid lies from gold digging phonies.

To understand the media’s use of its enormous power against Republican, and especially conservative, candidates, we need to remind ourselves of how Clarence Thomas was cruelly treated during his Supreme Court hearings in the early ’90s. Running under the current of a Black man who steps away from his deemed allegiance to the Democrat Party, liberals sought to punish Thomas by using the sub-rosa theme of a black man’s sexuality to bring him down.

Ted Kennedy’s savage attacks on Robert Bork could not be repeated on Thomas, so using the old canard of he-said-she-said, the mainstream media reached way out to Oral Roberts University’s teaching staff and brought Anita Hill into the spot light. One blogger says, “The mind reels imagining the acrimony and snide remarks that would be made had a victim of Bill Clinton been employed at Oral Roberts University.”

I was visiting a doctor and his wife in Japan right after the hearings, and he told me how much the Japanese viewing audiences laughed at the spectacle of such hearings for the highest court in America. Thomas himself ended his hearings with a stirring rebuke when he said, “This is a circus. This is a national disgrace. It is a high tech lynching.” The liberal media really had to stretch themselves to pull a teacher from the religious right’s academia in their attempt to get rid of Thomas. But he wrote the playbook that exposes what the far Left reporters, pundits, and editors now are trying to do to Herman Cain.

The media has in effect ignored their defeat to Thomas. But they are trying to use Thomas’s stirring condemnation of them as a pack of jackals as a blueprint for attacking Herman Cain. “Uppity Blacks who deign to think for yourselves and refuse to kowtow to an old order will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured.” Thomas said, effectively ending the media’s search and destroy mission on him.

Clarence Thomas won his battle but it seems to have made no impression of the insidious media that keep trying to revive a Cain “scandal” that is not there.

Now we have the far Left’s wordsmiths attempting the same search, lynch, and destroy piece of work on Herman Cain. They would never do this to Barack Obama.

Do you recall the media demanding Obama’s explanation of why Larry Sinclair might have been lying when he alleged that he an Obama got drunk together and had homosexual sex? Of course not! Yet Sinclair was very up front and willing to answer any questions.

Some stats I’ve read show our media are about 90% Democrat, and of the remaining 10% calling themselves Republican, but only 5% are actual conservative journalists. Last week Cain said, “There are too many people in the media who are downright dishonest.” So true.

By Suzanne Eovaldi

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