Media Web Site Pushes Entrepreneurial Model


By Howard Kurtz, Washington Post


Hours after an Air France jet disappeared over the Atlantic last Monday, Miles O’Brien, dismissing “the often inaccurate reporting on aviation that is so prevalent in the mainstream media,” offered some informed analysis.

“It was a dark and stormy night — in a place that is home to the world’s worst thunderstorms,” he said. O’Brien noted that the Airbus A330 had a good record and “the crew had ‘Sully-esque’ seasoning.”

But O’Brien wasn’t reporting for CNN, which dumped him in December. He was posting on True/Slant, a Web site that is mapping a new relationship between journalists, readers and advertisers. In fact, O’Brien has already contacted such aerospace companies as Boeing and Lockheed Martin to sponsor his work at another site, and plans to do so for True/Slant.

If he had done that at CNN, says O’Brien, “I’d be fired, are you kidding?”


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