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Why did the media chicken cross the road? Because it heard there was dirt on Newt to scratch on the other side.

If Gingrich was the big winner in South Carolina, the mainstream media was the big loser. At the Thursday evening debate, there were only two standing ovations – both for the ex-Speaker when he went after CNN moderator John King. BTW, isn’t CNN hosting a Republican debate a bit like having a debate for Prime Minister of Israel sponsored by Hamas and Hezbollah?

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King started the evening by asking Gingrich if he’d like to “respond to” the allegations of his second wife, broadcast in an ABC interview that evening, that Newt had asked her for an “open marriage.” Incensed, the candidate shot back: “I think the destructive, vicious negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern the country, harder to attract decent people to run for public office and I am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate with a topic like that.”

Makes it harder – for conservatives. ABC’s decision to go with the allegations of a bitter ex-spouse (along with its refusal to consider countervailing evidence) 48 hours before the polls opened in South Carolina, shows just how destructive and vicious big media intends to be in this crucial election. Anyone who thinks the timing of ABC’s broadcast is coincidental probably believes the Easter Bunny won Mitt Romney over to the pro-life cause, during a blizzard on the Fourth of July..

What happened to the media’s battle cry during the Clinton impeachment, “It’s just about sex” … plus perjury? Then, we weren’t supposed to care about what consenting adults did in the privacy of the Oval Office – even when one of them was a married president and the other an intern half his age. The MSM made us feel like a bunch of puritanical inquisitors peeking under DNA-stained skirts. Now, when it’s a highly suspect charge against a conservative that’s totally unsupported – well, inquiring minds want to know.

It was the media’s second attempt in a week to sandbag the Speaker. In the Monday evening debate, FOX’s Juan Williams asked Gingrich if he didn’t think his comments that inner-city kids needed a work ethic, combined with his assertion that Obama is “The Food Stamp President,” “belittle the poor and racial minorities.” If you can’t call someone a racist, say he’s insensitive to minorities or that his comments hurt their feelings. The audience booed Williams – demonstrating how insensitive they are to media bias.

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Sadly, Black kids are primarily raised by women. In such single-parent homes, the work ethic is often absent. In 2010, the out-of-wedlock birthrate among African Americans was 72%. Partially as a result, in August 2010, the Black unemployment rate was 16.7%, more that double that among whites. The number of food-stamp recipients (a majority white) has risen from a high of 28.2 million under George W. Bush to 44.7 million under Barack Obama (also in August 2011). But, because Obama is a man of mixed race, to recognize reality is bigoted, hateful and belittles the poor and racial minorities.

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