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Judge Kluka later recused herself from this case for reasons she would not explain, but not before authorizing the pre-dawn raids and multiple subpoenas to seize personal property. Judge Peterson was selected to replace her.

Unparalleled Viciousness

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Democrats went after Walker almost from the day he took office. In addition to the John Doe investigations, he faced a massive Astroturf union protest early in his first year and an unprecedented string of recalls in the second. With the exception of the protest, which the mainstream media championed as America’s own “Arab Spring,” the story of Democrats’ unparalleled viciousness was conducted behind a wall of silence from the national media. This author reported the story in full here, and later, in an e-book titled Red Unions. Here are just a few highlights:

  • On live radio, a leftist talk show host accused Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch of “pulling trains” and performing “fellatio on all the talk show hosts in Milwaukee” to get elected. Kleefisch, a political neophyte, was diagnosed with cancer during her campaign, underwent surgery and chemo, and won anyway.
  • To boisterous cheers, a union activist told a crowd including prominent Democratic congressmen, senators, and candidates that they should urinate on Republicans.
  • The Attorney General released over 100 pages of documented threats, including emails suggesting that Walker or legislators should be shot, hanged, watch their backs, look over their shoulders, or resign.
  • Early childhood teacher Katherine Windels pled guilty to making death threats to Governor Walker and Republican senators, including statements like: “Please put your things in order because you will be killed and your families will also be killed…
  • A union agitator posted a photo of Governor Walker’s son, asking, “What’s it like having the most hated dad in Wisconsin? This kid knows.”
  • Union members disrupted a Special Olympics award ceremony, blocking recipients from getting their awards.
  • 2,000 union protesters demonstrated at a Walker fundraiser and took pictures of attendees’ license plates.
  • Hundreds of police were required around the clock when protesters occupied the capitol building, increasing the protest cost to over $8 million and leaving communities vulnerable. One detective testified in court that two robbery suspects were later arrested for a murder he might have otherwise prevented.
  • Analysis of recall petitions by Verify the Recall, an independent group assisted by True the Vote, revealed numerous fraudulent petitions.
  • During the recall election, the supposedly non-partisan GAB vowed to accept all recall petitions with a valid address, even if signed by Adolf Hitler, and flatly refused to analyze their validity.
  • One Democrat activist, Mark Demet, was charged with seven counts of felony ID theft and two counts of vote fraud for signing petitions using the names of family members and neighbors (including one neighbor’s dead husband) without their knowledge or consent. He pled guilty to the election fraud, but allegations have surfaced that he submitted fraudulent votes in another county too.

Democrats did not launch the John Doe investigation because Walker was involved in any “criminal schemes.” Indeed, they proved that many of their own schemes warrant prosecution. Walker was targeted because Democrats recognized his effectiveness as a leader and his stated intention to roll back union power as an existential threat to their existence.

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