By Mark Hemmingway, National Review Online

Media Matters shows their incompetence with deceit

Media Matters shows their incompetence with deceit

Media Matters for America just sent out the following press release:

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Greetings, I wanted to make sure you had seen Media Matters’ latest research on the media ignoring allegations that surfaced during Sen. Jeff Sessions’ 1986 nomination to the U.S. district court. As reported by the Associated Press, Sessions’ “nomination originally drew fire from civil rights groups because of his [1985] prosecution … of three west Alabama civil rights activists on vote fraud charges. The three were acquitted by a federal court jury, prompting civil rights leaders to charge that the prosecution was an attempt to intimidate black voters.” Doesn’t the fact that we quote the AP undermine the idea that the media is ignoring the story? Could we say, “research on much of the media ignoring…”

My emphasis added — I guess somebody forgot to delete that parenthetical edit. I’d always thought that Media Matters tried in vain to prove conservative media bias, but I didn’t expect that the organization itself would confirm my suspicion.

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