Media Matters Beclowns Itself Just as FDA’s New Death Panel Begins

If you look up schmucks in the dictionary, odds are you’ll see this logo. The nutters at Media Matters selectively spliced Jim Hoft’s pick-up of this story to apply their typical Streicher-style spin.

While I appreciate the free P.R., what you’ll want to note is what the cretins forgot to mention. That is, the Susan G. Komen for The Cure Foundation — not exactly a bunch of wingnuts — are among those protesting the FDA’s discontinuation of Avastin “for metastatic breast cancer patients, noting that it is effective for some patients and warning of a chilling effect on new drug development if approval is withdrawn.”
In the kind of exquisite timing at which Media Nutters specializes, Ace o’ Spades reported the following delightful development earlier today, complete with flaming skull.

Doug Ross@Journal


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