Media ignores imploding state of Canadian Healthcare


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On Sunday evening, NewsBusters colleague Noel Sheppard highlighted a health care-related story from the Canadian Press (CP), which is that country’s rough equivalent to the USA’s Associated Press.

It appears that the CP is more open to reporting inconvenient news than is “our” AP, judging from a report earlier that day by the CP’s Jennifer Graham. In an interview with Graham, the incoming president of the Canadian Medical Association said that the supposedly idyllic wonderland known as Canadian medical care is in deep trouble.
Given the current debate in the U.S. over health care and private insurance, and the president’s seeming determination to force a state-controlled and ultimately state-run health care regime onto the remaining portion of the system that is still privately run, you would think that the story out of Canada might have attracted the interest of U.S. establishment media outlets. Noel thought that “It’s going to be absolutely delicious to see how this gets reported by Obama-loving media in the next 24 hours.”

Four days later, deliciously proving that “the Obama-loving media” is more than a mere slogan, there has virtually no original source establishment media coverage of what Ms. Doig said, or of anything else relayed in the Graham’s CP report.

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