Media Highlight ‘Stupid’ CNSNews Question to Barney Frank


Some members of the liberal media commemorated Rep. Barney Frank’s (D-Mass.) retirement announcement by replaying his testy response to a reporter about homosexuals showering with straight men in the military. Of course, they included their own eulogies about how much the liberal congressman would be missed.

A nostalgic Martin Bashir expressed his sadness at Frank’s departure on his Monday MSNBC show, touting “one of the greatest hits from a man who championed the poor and oppressed, Barney Frank. He’ll be sorely missed.” He then played the clip.

Liberal HLN host Joy Behar ripped the CNSNews question as “stupid” as she asked Frank “Are you going to miss the stupid questions people ask you?” She presented the video of the question as an example. At the end of the interview, she told Frank “we’re really going to miss you in Congress.”

Behar, herself a champion of gay rights, asked the openly-gay congressman straight-up if ” there a lot of gays in the closet in Congress these days?” Frank used his answer – “Not a lot. There are some” – to then bash Republicans for their intolerance.

According to Frank, the party difference in Congress is that if a Republican announces he is gay, “as long as he’s embarrassed by it, and tries to hide it, and lies about it, they’ll tolerate it.”

“On the other hand on the Democratic side, we’re free to be who we are to bring our partners places,” he continued.

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