Media Double Standard: Foley Guilty but Jennings Innocent


The magic number is 16.

Just last night, on Sean Hannity’s Fox Show, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos said in defense of the liberal media’s non-coverage of Kevin Jennings, that a person’s entire career should be taken into consideration before they are sent packing from public service.
Fair enough.

So let’s talk what Democrats call “sex crimes,” shall we? What the media, Nancy Pelosi were about on this issue back in the fall of 2006.
And what Kevin Jennings considers to be a real “threat to children.”

Let’s talk about gays, gay bashing, anti-gay bigotry, sexual predators, Kevin Jennings, Harry Hay, Nancy Pelosi, Mark Foley — and a liberal double standard that is bigger than the Grand Canyon.

Read More: By Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator


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