Media Coverage Differed in Killing of Abortion Doctor, Army Recruiter


Call it a tale of two murders: one involving an abortion doctor that captured days of media attention and another involving an Army recruiter that has barely registered a blip on most news radar screens.

The killing of abortion doctor George Tiller, who was fatally shot in his Kansas church Sunday morning, drew a flood of denunciations from President Obama along with liberal and conservative lawmakers and abortion rights groups and abortion foes. The murder occupied front pages and led news broadcasts for nearly three days.

Attorney General Eric Holder ordered the U.S. Marshals’ service to “increase security for a number of individuals and facilities” although officials provided no specifics.

By contrast, the murder of Army Pvt. William Long and the wounding of Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula outside a recruiting center in Little Rock, Ark., has drawn relatively scant coverage despite the background of the suspected shooter: he was a convert to Islam who police say probably had “political and religious motives for the attack.”


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