Media Cover Town Hall Outrage from Left



Town halls across the country are heating up due to concerns and confusion about health care reform. Meanwhile, the liberal media are doing their best to discredit the anger and paint conservatives as an “unruly mob” as the left did during the 2008 and 2000 elections.

Network and cable news media have called the “fever pitch” at many town halls staged or “Astroturf,” phony grassroots. Much of the media have gotten caught up in covering the tenor of the town halls. In this, they’re continuing to ignore important questions on cost, efficiency and choice as it relates to the health care reform plans. They talk about the furor, but not the source of the furor.

As NBC’s Chuck Todd put it on Aug. 11, “We’ve been having a debate about the debate and what’s gotten lost is some people have forgotten what we’re debating over.”

On some networks it wasn’t even a debate about the debate. It was an all-out effort to discredit conservative dissent. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow purported to prove that the town halls were “orchestrated” by the GOP on Aug. 5, citing the groups sponsoring and calling them “experts at fake grassroots.”

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