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Indeed, it is hard to find any “cultural warrior” at Fox News who is really a cultural warrior and who understands the threats posed to our freedoms by the homosexual agenda. Clearly, these people are surrounded by social liberals and simply spout the liberal line on these issues. Fox News may be a champion on economic and foreign policy issues, but it’s time to admit they are completely clueless – and even damaging – when it comes to the key social issues of our time.

And Fox News’ most conservative personality –Sean Hannity – has apparently decided to avoid these issues, seldom mentioning them or making them the subject of any of his television or radio shows. For a self-described conservative Catholic, that is rather discouraging. Meanwhile, Catholic schools, adoption agencies, and charities are being brutalized by the “gay rights” movement. And not a peep from Sean.

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One has to wonder if the Fox News team really doesn’t understand how “gay rights’’ not only undermine America’s Christian culture, but also constitute a direct attack on the more important rights given to us by our founding fathers — such as freedom of speech, religion, press, and association.

However, it’s not much different with other media conservatives outside of Fox News. Glenn Beck said on the O’Reilly show that homosexual marriage is not “a threat to the country,” a bizarre statement from an alleged social conservative. Beck also quoted Jefferson to back up his neutral stance on same sex marriage: “If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket, what difference is it to me.”

But Jefferson would not have supported gay marriage or the police state tactics that homosexual marriage has brought to our culture. Despite calling himself a constitutionalist, Beck seems to know little about how our founder fathers regarded the traditional family unit as key to America’s freedom and prosperity. They believe it to be the backbone of the United States and the key to its culture. The destruction of the traditional family unit means the destruction of our culture, and ultimately our country. Does Beck really not understand that? Is he really not aware of the wave of attacks on our freedoms I have described above?

It has now become quite clear that the homosexual agenda is undermining our freedoms, our families, and our faith. It is disrupting our Christian culture and assaulting our constitutional rights on every conceivable front. And if you don’t think this is exactly what the homosexuals have planned all along, then you haven’t been reading their books and manifestos. Today, there are literally hundreds of lawsuits ongoing in courthouses all over America, most of them taken on by struggling, small non-profit legal organizations trying desperately to preserve our constitutional freedoms.

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As these legal groups attempt to preserve our rights from this onslaught, it would be nice if our conservative media personalities would start to cover these stories in a serious manner, instead of using quickie libertarian sound bites to quickly dismiss them. And they also need to please stop the frivolous “me too” reporting about so-and-so Hollywood stars “coming out” and start investigating the real issues here. It is time for media conservatives to wake up, ignore the talking points given them by the NLGJA, and start reporting on how the homosexual rights agenda is compromising our constitutional rights.

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