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Fox News contributor Bernie Goldberg is also pro-homosexual and calls conservatives who oppose their agenda “bigoted.” On his blog, Goldberg even claims that Jesus Christ would be in support of homosexual marriage, a strange claim given the numerous statements by Jesus and His disciples regarding the sacred position God has assigned to the traditional male-female family. Goldberg also makes bizarre statements on his website claiming that Jesus said some people are born gay, which, of course, is false. Indeed, both the Old and New Testaments are very clear in their condemnations of homosexual behavior.

Even Fox News “All-Stars” Charles Krauthammer, Stephen Hayes, and George Will are in support of allowing open homosexuals in the military, seemingly ignorant of the body of research documenting how disruptive it will be for openly homosexual men and women to serve next to others in tight units where moral and unit cohesion can mean the difference between life and death. Polling of service members themselves confirm this, but Fox News has consistently downplayed or ignored the opinions of those who would be most affected by this radical policy.

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Indeed, while representing San Diego in the State Legislature, I was given access to studies by the military demonstrating widespread misconduct by homosexual service members (and this was before homosexuals were allowed to serve!) They were engaged in far more crime, rape, and disruptive behavior than were heterosexual service members. Such internal studies were apparently swept under the table when it came to debating this issue in Congress.

The military is NOT an equal opportunity employer or a jobs program. It is a fighting force that should reject any policy that undermines the unity of those who serve. Already, it has come to my attention that homosexual servicemen – now feeling fully protected by the White House – are engaging in open homosexual behavior in full view of their colleagues. As a result, unit cohesion is coming apart at the seams, morale is in shambles, and our military is becoming weaker. Unfortunately, our media (and even our conservative media) have chosen not to investigate this issue. After all, they all were in favor of this policy and now are reluctant to show how it has been a failure. Thanks for wrecking our military.

And I could go on and on with Fox News. Chris Wallace thinks those who opposed gay scout leaders should be compared to racists….Dana Perino, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Greg Gutfield, and Eric Bolling all support same-sex marriage, gays in the military, and much of the gay agenda….former Fox News reporter Margaret Hoover supports much of the gay rights agenda and sits on the board of two homosexual groups… John Stossel refuses to accept that homosexuality is a changeable behavior and opposes efforts to counsel homosexuals, a strange view for a freedom-loving libertarian….Elizabeth Hasselbeck called the Pope’s opposition to homosexual marriage “inhumane” (for God’s sake Elizabeth, read the Bible)….Sally Kohn is a lesbian activist who shills for “gay rights” in her Fox News website columns….and on and on.

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