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It is simply bizarre that our schools spend millions on anti-drug programs but are now willing to promote programs that encourage the homosexual lifestyle. This despite reams of evidence such behavior leads to a shorter lifespan and those who engage in it disproportionately suffer from a whole array of negative life-style choices. This has been confirmed by massive long-term studies of homosexuals by both the Canadian health agency and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), but the results of these studies were ignored by Fox News and other media conservatives.

If one claims to be a constitutionalist – like many media conservatives do – but are ignoring this massive assault on our constitutional rights, then they are simply not constitutionalists. The Fox News team seems to have adopted libertarian arguments on many of these issues, but even most libertarians are opposed to the tyrannical effect these laws are having on our culture.

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Take same-sex marriage. The passage of same sex marriage laws has unleashed the power of government in many ways that are shocking. People are receiving death threats, being harassed, and even losing their jobs for speaking out against it. The legalization of homosexual marriage also means the state now recognizes homosexual behavior as normal. As a result, private adoption agencies are being forced to place children with homosexual families. Ditto for foster children and group home agencies. Schools now have to teach that homosexual behavior is normal, leading thousands of schoolchildren down the path of a dangerous and unhealthy lifestyle. And, of course, if homosexuality is normal behavior, then that justifies all the “Hate Crime”, “bullying,” and so called “anti-discrimination” laws now being passed all over America that have led to widespread attacks on our constitutional freedoms.

The problem, of course, is that homosexuality is not normal. Decades of research show the opposite. And the aforementioned CDC and Canadian long-term studies of thousands of homosexuals show clear-cut disparities between homosexuals and heterosexuals in every lifestyle category: suicides, drug abuse, criminal activity, driving under the influence, prostitution, mental breakdowns, etc. Clearly, these are signs of an abnormal and unhealthy lifestyle.

Oh, yes, I know that the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has proclaimed homosexuality to be normal; but that conclusion is not the result of any careful long-term study of homosexual lifestyles. It is the result of a secretive group of homosexual psychiatrists in 1973 taking over the committee that decides what behavior is “normal” and what is not. Homosexual behavior was removed as an abnormal behavior by a straight up-and-down vote, with the homosexual psychiatrists prevailing. There wasn’t a scholarly debate or anything like that. Don’t be silly. It was pure politics. But do bear in mind that, at the time, the vast majority of APA members believed homosexuality to be abnormal.

And yet, our conservative media heroes still act as if there’s some kind of scientific consensus that homosexuality is a genetic-based normal behavior; so they apparently believe all these “gay rights” battles involve normal people who are simply trying to protect their God-given rights.

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